Japanese Green Tea Mochi with ice-cream inside

Ingredient :

110g mochi powder ( Asian market )

180ml water

30g sugar

5g green tea powder

100g potato powder

Vanilla ice-cream



Let’s start :

Step 1 :

Mix well mochi powder with green tea powder and water

step 1


Step 2:

Pour sugar in to the mixed and mix them well

step 2


Step 3:

Drap the bowl by plastic drap ande then microwave them about 1 minute. After 1 minute take them out mix well one more time, then drap the bowl again and microwave about one more minute. ( you can also steam them until the mixed thick and rich )



Step 4 :

Pour all the dough out and mix well until dough looks smooth ( you can use the potato powder to make the dough non-stick in your hand)

step 4


Step 5:

Cover the dough by potato powder



Step 6:

Roll the dough and then cut dough to thin square piece , then put ice-cream inside each dough piece , then cover it well

step 6


Ta-Ta- Finished ^^ , You can store them in the freezer they will be just fine


The mochi cover is soft and smooth and just little sweet… Ice-cream inside make you feel “Zing”. You can also try many different kind of ice-cream and change any flavors for the mochi dough to make them your style. Excellent for the hot summer . Enjoy !!!

mochi mochi mochi